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Q: Having a mentor can bring lot of benefits to students community. How did you evolve Campus abroad?

My first venture was an Institution offering some short-term management programs which did not tae of f well. But I was frequently approached on a friendly basis for guidance on studying in the U.S with reference to my academic exposure on the West. Although I took up a few top American Universities at the initial stage for promoting I India their continuing education programs, whereby one could study a particular subject of interest and earn some credits, subsequently I was able to start counseling students who were keen to go and study on Campus in the U.S. as U.S. was then the only country that was sought after globally. The first 10 years were very difficult as no one was able to understand the concept of counseling to study abroad as going to U.S to study was considered as very prestigious.

Q: The role of a mentor is to provide general advice and guidance. What strategies do you initiate?

It is a team work. I train our Counselors who counsel the students with great confidence. My visiting the Universities and being in contact with them regularly would help me in updating everything and give first hand information to students. The major concern of our Counselors is not to misguide anyone as most students and parents come to us from towns and small cities are absolutely ignorant of many practical situations. They come to us with great anxiety and expectation on believing what others talk about studying abroad. On knowing his or her academic and financial background we encourage and support the students in an appropriate way from applying for admission in their leaving the country.

Q: Finding the right college for overseas study is the toughest task for students. How do you develop the confidence in students?

We just share our experience that had been gained over the years in knowing and choosing the Universities suitable and appropriate to the applicant. We would arrange the new students to contact, by mail, our old students who help these new students with more assistance and valuable information.


Q: Campus abroad under you leadership is highly regarded as overseas educational consultant. How long did if take to reach where you are now?

We are in our 26th year and the counseling Industry has grown up to the level that there are more than 400 Agents/advisors in India now. I was all alone during the first decade of my survival and those days were very difficult as they concept itself was not accepted by the students, society, public and press.


Q: You help students understand complexities and gain insight, you help them to resolve dilemmas and make the plan there future. Do you provide or follow set of technical guidance or programmes?

From the time of deciding to file application for admission and leaving the country every student meets us around 5 times and her/she is guided step by step according to their need whether it is technical or financial, or academic. Our popularity and success rate in counselling from admission to visa also give our students a great confidence in seeing their dreams come true.

Q: What would campus abroad be over the next five years?

The Industry is ever-growing and we have been slowly expanding at national level. We already have offices in countries like U.S.A., Mauritius, Sri Lanka etc. and we are planning to open up offices and training centers in Australia and UK. Also, as done already in 1996itself, we further plan to bring down more off-shore to those who cannot go abroad for studies.

I was elected as the President of the Association of Accredited    Advisors on Overseas Education and the Association will be a guiding star within next 5 years to the public, members and also to the Universities abroad.

Q: Would Dr. C.B.Paul Chellakumar be content with what you have achieved, who is your role model? Would Dr.C.B.Paul Chellakumar Challenge Dr.C.B.Paul Chellakumar

We meet and counsel around 10,000 students a year and we learn a lot from them. Mother Teresa, who lived for other is my role model, since the time I spent with her around an hour in Calcutta in 1987.

There was few others also like former Prime-Ministers of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi (for her courageous leadership) and  MOrarji Desai (for his transparency). Mr.Desai was not happy in my sending Indian students out and he told me in person as well as by letters. The other one was Martine Lurther King in addition to Joseph the Biblical personality who grew up from slavery to the Chief of a Kingdom.

Dr.Paul C.B. Chellakumar in 1978 was driven by a single force to become successful and Dr.Paul C.B.Chellakumar in 2004 is driven by various factors to be a role model to others and also to stay in top. Both these Chellakumars believe in Robert Frost’s philosophy, “And miles to go before I sleep…and miles to go before I sleep”, amidst the fact that life is too short.

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