Wichita State as an educational institution

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“Wichita State as an educational institution is on


Wichita State as an educational institution is on par with many universities that have twice the cost. Some people like to rate it low because of its (slightly) lacking social environment. If you want to be involved, social aspect can be very rewarding at Wichita State. If you never take the initiative, you'll be a wallflower. However, the educational quality at Wichita State is exceptional.

Really love Cardiff University

Really love Cardiff University, the lecturing is very good and lecturers are available to see for one to one help which I find very helpful, especially when writing coursework essays. There are a very wide range of societies and I have loved being a member of Broadway dance in particular, I have met so many great people and made some really good friends through it.

As a recent graduate, I absolutely loved my

“As a recent graduate, I absolutely loved my


As a recent graduate, I absolutely loved my time at the University of Nevada. I've had so many incredible experiences, and received a truly great education.

I was easily able to graduate in 4 years, even after changing my major. Most faculty members were very knowledgeable, and actual cared about the students. Being a large state school, there is naturally great diversity among students. Not only demographically, but there are so many people with unique interests, and a subgroup for anyone. I also fell in love with Reno itself. The surrounding neighborhoods are full of college students, and it's great being so close to downtown. 

Wichita State is a great place to study

There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. and it can be difficult to decide the best place to study. Here are some of the reasons why Wichita State is so popular with international students:

COST: Wichita enjoys a low cost-of-living - much lower than cities on the coasts. Because we are a public university, the cost of attending Wichita State is often much lower than other universities. We are proud to be one of America's national universities - offering students an outstanding education at a reasonable cost.

SAFETY: Wichita is a safe and friendly city and Wichita State is one of the safest universities of its size in the U.S. The campus has its own police department and a city police station is located next to campus.

FACILITIES: Wichita State University offers a wide variety of programs - including more than 225 majors and specializations. The University has impressive facilities including a large library with over 1 million items. Our engineering and science laboratories are modern and well-equipped. The campus has a Wi-Fi network for fast and easy access to the internet. Our beautiful, park-like campus has 65 buildings and is 2 square kilometers in size. The University operates its own TV and radio stations and has a large sports complex, basketball arena, baseball and softball stadiums, track stadium, a bowling alley, an 18-hole golf course, and a large tennis complex.

COOPERATIVE EDUCATION: Wichita State has one of the largest Cooperative Education programs in the Midwest. Cooperative Education allows students to receive paid internships to get valuable work experience before going home.

THE CITY: Wichita has a metropolitan population of 600,000 people and is the largest city in Kansas. Wichita has won the prestigious All-American City Award three times and has a strong telecommunications infrastructure - placing Wichita on par with any major city in the world and far above many other cities of similar size. According to Forbes Magazine, Wichita is the least expensive city in the U.S. to live well - ranking much higher than New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

FAST ADMISSION PROCESS: We process most applications in about one week. It is our goal to provide you with as much information as possible when you apply. We will send you an e-mail message after your application arrives and has been entered into our computer system. We will then send you another message after we have reviewed your application.

FAST AND EASY-TO-USE WEBSITE: We are proud to have one of the most comprehensive websites for international students in the U.S. Please check out:http://www.wichita.edu/international to get the latest information about Wichita State. Our website contains valuable information for international students including deadlines, costs, financial aid, TOEFL requirement, majors, and much, much more. Check out our website today to get the latest information!

Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) @ Monash University

Pretty much I love the atmosphere of the university. The library opens 7 days a week, you can check all the relevant information through their official website, makes it even easier you can get Monash University app on your phone, from the time table, access to moodle site, bus schedule, etc, you can easily open from just 1 platform. 
I did not enjoyed my college as much as my university experience. There was far more options of activities you can do at uni, as for college, the week will be packed with classes, as it was a pathways for International students to adapt from their usual ways of studying to the real uni life in Australia. 
How much you will get during your university years is totally up to us. 
Harder to get local friends for International students, I felt a gap in between, and unfortunately there was nothing provided by the university to solve this issue, although I knew that it was probably something towards culture, but it decreases the social awareness for the real Australian culture, and it was supported more by groups and organization based on nationality, makes the students tend to group only with our own comfort zone. 
The teaching I suppose was more conventional, compared to other new universities, where there are more practical tasks available. But as I was taking Banking and Finance, some of the units were actually linked the theory with the current events to be our assignments. For ways of study, I am pretty sure you will know yourself more at university, as you can manage on your own of how can you put the work at uni and other activities together. You can be as diligent as reviewing week by week, or started to work harder after mid semester, or freely study as the exam is getting closer, as long as you can pull it off, its totally okay. But just mind yourself if you're enrolled to units that had 70% weight on the exam, that's where the hurdle is, especially for business with accounting, finance, and economics major. 
I had an internal internship on my summer semester, I would not say it was a full term thing, because the work was only last as long as 4 hours. I was placed with FLAP (Family Law Assistance Program), partnership between the government and Monash University. I love it where I can get more exposure into different fields, I was helping people with their divorce and separation process, calculated assets, debts and all of that stuff. But more importantly, I got the knowledge of Australian Law and its court procedures. The part that I was not comfortable is the fact that the supervisor and the person will be assessing were different. The person in charge for the unit only met us at the end of the internship, and suddenly asked how was it, and looked at the report we made. Somehow I felt this was not really fair. 
Another internship I got was with TeamMonash, they were in charge in sports games and events, I signed in after I was a volunteer the semester before. Pretty relax job and just having fun with other volunteers. 
The Accounting Internship with MSA, student body at Clayton campus was the most unpleasant, the supervisor seemed to "kicked" me away without giving me a prior notice, and instead used their casuals to help them, worst, giving me reasons that they had nothing for me to do, even it was one of the busiest time of the year. There were things that went wrong, and there was not clear explanation to me of what did I do wrong. As for the interview before, I already stated that I had the FLAP internship. It was a joke when I think of it, as a student body had given me that treatment, where they should be the one who protected the best interests of the students. 
There were also few programs for our personal development, such as Leader Program by Monash Business School, more information you can search PAL program. Available to interested mentor and mentees, where later you can get the Leadership Program, you'll be getting couching, seminar and professionals to share the stories with you. I also got an offer by EY leadership with Monash by my last semester at Monash, unfortunately it was not the right time. 
There was also Big Issue Competition where I joined, paired with 2 other members to make a new business idea to help The Big Issue magazine to expand their product portfolio. As for this one, I remember it might be La Trobe who actually can transferred it into a coursework, and for Monash, will be just additional work. 
You get volunteer opportunities everywhere, there was an English Teaching class that actually prepares you and providing training to be an English Teacher for AMES, (I did teaching too!) where you get to teach refugees to understand and speak English better. For work and volunteer you can open Monash career gateway and Monash volunteer gateway. You can get a casual jobs too at Monash, the offered time was not suitable for me either at that time. Try contact the career and development division. 
All the help during your study was easy to access, from your well-being, clinic on campus, library, writing skills seminar, course-adviser, gym, accommodation, free shuttle bus, concession cards, academic dispute, prayer rooms, work and ombudsman, and all other issues are available for you. Really best of luck towards your study! Color your university life, your own way :)


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